Customizing The Toolbar

Rather than using JavaScript to define the toolbar like in Trix, Rhino Editor takes the approach of slotting in HTML.

Heres an example of “slotting” in an embed button.



Make sure to add type="button" so that the buttons do not submit the form. Also make sure to add data-role="toolbar-item" to have the toolbar work correctly and tabindex="-1".

Understanding Slots

Each toolbar button has a number of corresponding slots. For example you have before-bold-button slot which lets you insert something before the bold button. There is a corresponding after-bold-button and theres also a bold-button slot which lets you insert your own button.

When overriding buttons in the toolbar, you are now in charge of adding functionality and accounting for accessibility.

Changing Icons

Maybe you just want to change the icons and dont need to override the whole toolbar or an entire button within the toolbar. That can be done by using the *-icon.

For example, here’s how we would override the attachment button icon using an icon from

  <svg slot="attach-files-icon" xmlns="" class="icon icon-tabler icon-tabler-paperclip" width="24" height="24" viewBox="0 0 24 24" stroke-width="2" stroke="currentColor" fill="none" stroke-linecap="round" stroke-linejoin="round">
   <path stroke="none" d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"></path>
   <path d="M15 7l-6.5 6.5a1.5 1.5 0 0 0 3 3l6.5 -6.5a3 3 0 0 0 -6 -6l-6.5 6.5a4.5 4.5 0 0 0 9 9l6.5 -6.5"></path>

Removing an item from the toolbar

To remove an item from the toolbar, find the rhino-editor element and then remove the extension.

Here’s how we could do it using a before-initialize event listener to remove the “bold” button.

function removeBold () {
  const rhinoEditor = document.querySelector("rhino-editor#no-bold")

  if (rhinoEditor == null) return

  rhinoEditor.starterKitOptions = {
    bold: false

document.addEventListener("rhino-before-initialize", removeBold)

Here are all the options available:

  // These all come from TipTap's StarterKit.
  blockquote: Partial<BlockquoteOptions> | false;
  bold: Partial<BoldOptions> | false;
  bulletList: Partial<BulletListOptions> | false;
  code: Partial<CodeOptions> | false;
  codeBlock: Partial<CodeBlockOptions> | false;
  document: false;
  dropcursor: Partial<DropcursorOptions> | false;
  gapcursor: false;
  hardBreak: Partial<HardBreakOptions> | false;
  heading: Partial<HeadingOptions> | false;
  history: Partial<HistoryOptions> | false;
  horizontalRule: Partial<HorizontalRuleOptions> | false;
  italic: Partial<ItalicOptions> | false;
  listItem: Partial<ListItemOptions> | false;
  orderedList: Partial<OrderedListOptions> | false;
  paragraph: Partial<ParagraphOptions> | false;
  strike: Partial<StrikeOptions> | false;
  text: false;

  // These are all internal plugins to RhinoEditor.

  /** Enables attachment galleries */
  rhinoGallery: Partial<GalleryOptions> | false;

  /** Enables attachments */
  rhinoAttachment: Partial<AttachmentOptions> | false;

  /** Enables captions in attachments */
  rhinoFigcaption: Partial<FigcaptionOptions> | false;

  /** Enables images in attachments */
  rhinoImage: Partial<ImageOptions> | false;

   * Replaces the default strike from TipTap's StarterKit and replaces it with `<del>` instead of `<s>`
  rhinoStrike: Partial<StrikeOptions> | false;

   * A plugin for finding the currently focused element. Used by various CSS styles in the editor.
  rhinoFocus: Partial<FocusOptions> | false;

   * Enables the link dialog
  rhinoLink: Partial<LinkOptions> | false;

   * Enables & configures the placeholder you see for captions and for empty documents
  rhinoPlaceholder: Partial<PlaceholderOptions> | false;

   * Sends a browser event called `rhino-paste-event` everytime a user pastes something into the document.
  rhinoPasteEvent: Partial<PasteOptions> | false;

  increaseIndentation: boolean,
  decreaseIndentation: boolean